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Life Happens

            Each and every day life happens.  We have our ups and our downs.  Sometimes the ups are so high, we don’t want to come down, and sometimes the downs are so low we don’t know how we can ever get up.  One thing is certain, we don’t usually stay up forever and we usually don’t stay down forever.  Life is about getting through it's challenges, and the only thing that can make a difference in our lives seems to be our attitude toward those ups and downs.  We all have them, and that is what connects us all together. 


            This blog is meant to be a place of encouragement and inspiration, to show how our outlook on the events in our lives can make all the difference.  Sometimes the answers can be found in taking our time to feel and experience the emotions that go along with the experience, and sometimes the answer is in picking ourselves up, shaking the dust off our clothes, and taking one step after another.  But we never stay stagnant!  This is how we ...


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